5 Responses to “Public Engagement/High School Site selection RFP”

  1. DeJong responds to my questions « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] other than that I am glad both the district and DeJong recognize the need for public input (the RFP clearly states that public input is critical). I took a brief look at the Milwaukee Public School […]

  2. Laura B. Says:

    Didn’t they already go through this process? My daughter is a freshman at Central. By the time she graduates, maybe they’ll have a site chosen. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    You mean, didn’t they already go through this several times? 🙂 Remember “Great Schools, Together”? Or even more recently, Holly Nelson’s work? In fact, I trade emails with Holly recently on this very same topic – it is sad how the University is totally left out of this picture. And why local talent is not being utilized? The need for a local planner is ever being made obvious, but never acted upon.

  4. pattsi Says:

    I have been saying this for 35 years. We would not want to move to rapidly. 🙂

  5. charlesdschultz Says:

    I asked Stepahnie and she mentioned that the RFP was posted to the News-Gazette on March 14, 2012. Wow.

    So the reason why the University never knew about this was because they don’t employ somebody to daily comb through the papers.

    So sad that Unit 4 just did not pick up the phone and start talking to professors. The current method of communication is really showing chinks in the armor.

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