Agenda for the Sept 24th Board Meeting is up

I happened to notice that the next Board Meeting (Sept 24th) has been posted on BoardDocs. A few interesting things on the agenda, other than the Public Hearing on the Budget – here is the list for “New Business”:

A. Superintendent Book Study Report: Dr. Judy Wiegand/Lisa Monda-Amaya/A.J. Welton
B. High School Options/Facilities Update: Dr. Judy Wiegand
C. Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP): Orlando Thomas
D. School Board Election – Calendar of Events: Sue Grey
E. Salary and Benefit Information for Administrators: Ken Kleber

Only B and E have attachments (so far). The High School update includes the addition of a new site under consideration; “this site is Atkins Mattis Avenue, located in the northwest area of Champaign”. Hmm… anything to do with the MAC? =) Didn’t see that one coming, did we?

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The future of Education

I struggled with a good title for this post; “Heuristics”, “The purpose of Education, part 4”, “Is this what Education is going to become?”


As stated in several previous posts (ie, 1, 2, 3), I have observed an emphasis on “data-based student metrics”. And now we are seeing more of this being applied to teachers as well (hence the CPS strikes). I just recently read a couple articles about how Xerox uses very similar techniques for their call-center:


And frankly, these articles scare me. But I have to take a step back and acknowledge that some folks really dig the ability to track, measure and data-mine people as they matriculate through a system. The tin foil hat says “machine”.


And I realize that one’s view on how to measure learning really is dependent on the purpose of education in the first place. I am a big believer in that education prepares folks to participate in a democratic society, and thus I have a hard time fitting all this data-centric mentality into my framework. But for those that see education playing the role of preparing our children to be future gerbils wage-earners in the great American Machine industrious workforce, this system of tracking and measuring and analyzing is probably quite attractive.


What about the middle ground? I am having a hard time seeing that, so if you have a different perspective, I would love to hear it. (And I know several of you do!)