Agenda for the Sept 24th Board Meeting is up

I happened to notice that the next Board Meeting (Sept 24th) has been posted on BoardDocs. A few interesting things on the agenda, other than the Public Hearing on the Budget – here is the list for “New Business”:

A. Superintendent Book Study Report: Dr. Judy Wiegand/Lisa Monda-Amaya/A.J. Welton
B. High School Options/Facilities Update: Dr. Judy Wiegand
C. Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP): Orlando Thomas
D. School Board Election – Calendar of Events: Sue Grey
E. Salary and Benefit Information for Administrators: Ken Kleber

Only B and E have attachments (so far). The High School update includes the addition of a new site under consideration; “this site is Atkins Mattis Avenue, located in the northwest area of Champaign”. Hmm… anything to do with the MAC? =) Didn’t see that one coming, did we?

For those that like to look through salary information (E), knock yourself out – I personally found the formatting quite kludgy, but at least the information is out there for everyone to see.

The book study report (A) sounds very interesting indeed – I wish I was available to attend just for this. I have seen both Lisa Monda-Amaya and A.J. Welton in action and they are full of charisma. The 2nd paragraph of the “Description” on BoardDocs says:

With the implementation of these major initiatives, it was important to spend time examining our guiding principles with curriculum, assessment, and instruction.  If we are going to continue to grow professionally and support the academic achievement of our students, a close examination of these areas is needed along with the impact it has on belief systems.   This also included how social justice is defined and lived in our schools.  Other areas included the role of teacher leadership and Board Members and their roles with change.

Keep in mind “change” encompasses the High School option, Educational Programming, Common Core, etc. There be lots of change underway.

The Summer Youth Employment Program (C – SYEP) sounds really cool. I am a little concerned that the amount Unit 4 is putting into the program is going up and up. So while I think this is probably a worthwhile investment, I very much want to see the results of the past two years. Where can I find that stuff on the Unit 4 webpage? News-Gazette? Other media?

Lastly, if you have any interest in running for a Board position, section D spells out the calendar and steps you need to take. For those that have been asking, I will unfortunately not be running – we are due on March 6th. *grin* I know a few folks that have already expressed an interest and I am excited for them! I hope to hear from more candidates. We should see websites popping up soon!

The Budget (and Public Hearing) is in section 8 (Action Agenda): I am thinking that is going to be pretty quick and quiet. I and a couple others (a couple of you, rather *grin*) tried to dive into the Budget and it was way over our heads and/or not enough time to do much with.

The new resolution in the Consent Agenda (which means they will not be talking about it at all in Open Meeting) confuses me. The gist is that they want to shift the Board election responsibilities from the Board Secretary to an Administrative Assistant? What does that mean? What are the ramifications? The legal mumbo-jumbo leaves me dazed and confused.

Oh, and I would be remiss to mention the scheduled “Supper with the Superintendent” on October 11th at Carrie Busey (*woot*). I’ll post another blog entry about that when I see a flyer.


3 Responses to “Agenda for the Sept 24th Board Meeting is up”

  1. Two meetings tonight: which one will you choose? « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] we have not one but two meetings! I have talked about the Board Meeting and the agenda. In addition, Sheri Williamson is kicking off the first Parent Advisory […]

  2. pattsi Says:

    Maybe it is just because it is Monday morning, but I see so much humor in this potential new HS site, causing massive need for transportation, to the MTD plans to expand the transportation center interlocked, according to the city manager, of building the baseball stadium just south of the transportation center–right in the center of the community.
    How about turning this thinking around? Put the stadium next to the proposed MAC facility and the HS next to the transportation center. Transportation needs solved and conjestion generated by a stadium shoe horned into the area south of the transportation center and west and next to the tracks.

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