Two meetings tonight: which one will you choose?

Tonight, we have not one but two meetings! 🙂 I have talked about the Board Meeting and the agenda. In addition, Sheri Williamson is kicking off the first Parent Advisory Group.

Monday, September 24th @ 6pm at Stratton Elementary School

“What is YOUR ideal school setting for your children? What is your ideal environment for your community?
I am a current co-chair of the PTA Council Vice-Presidency seat. I am working on establishing a parent-advisory group to work with the faculty, staff, and PTAs at each school. After speaking with Dr. Wiegand, the Unit 4 superintendent, this type of collaboration can allow for a productive facilitation between parents and school administrators regarding changes at schools. The parent-driven group can focus on issues the community has faced, such as bullying, gun violence, stranger danger, literacy, and any other topic parents feel is worth discussing. A parent-driven group can offer support and advocate for parents in need. It can also brainstorm ways to provide more cost-efficient services to Unit 4 families.
Working with local organizations I will be holding parent cafes at a different Unit 4 school each month during the school year. At the first meeting the goal is to identify priority topics that parents would like addressed by the district. We need your voice to help create positive change in the district and in the community!
The first meeting is Monday, September 24th. Come enjoy a free meal from Texas Roadhouse!”

Possible Topics for Discussion
Gun Violence
Stranger danger
Youth Social Trends

Contact Information
Sheri Williamson


2 Responses to “Two meetings tonight: which one will you choose?”

  1. Michelle Petty Says:

    We need to coordinate better. I went to the parent advisory meeting thinking you would go to the board meeting and write a wonderfully informative post about it. I’m still expecting that post…..

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Oh, I went to the Board Meeting afterwards. 🙂 I have requested a video recording and will be reviewing that (and will put it online, of course). As expected, the Public Hearing on the Budget was a wall of silence.

    But yes, better coordination would be … well, better.

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