OT: are you ready to vote?

So right now there are big pushes to get folks out to vote. I have been chatting with Jamar Brown about his awesome trip out east for the Democratic National Convention, and he was really pumped up about it. He also relayed how he was struck with how little political discussion we have here in Champaign.

So on that note, I bring a microcosm (or rather, a nanocosm) of IlliniPundit. When I looked at my specimen ballot, the very first thing is this wall of text about amending the Illinois State Constitituion. When I read it, I was completely confused. So I started calling folks. I’ll not drop names (except one) to keep the guilty hidden for now. 🙂 But I didn’t get many helpful answers until I finally talked to Senator Mike Frerichs – his advise was very sound. Something to the extent of “If the wording doesn’t make sense, you probably do not want to vote for an amendment to the state constitution.” Right-o, buddy! It boggles my mind that we have something this big to vote on (I mean, changing the Constitution for crying out loud!!) and nobody is talking about it? I cannot even find someone who fully understands it. I have heard theories and rumors about labor unions, etc, but I do not understand why this question of changing the constitution is even on the ballot in the first place. Is this the will of the people? Is this even a good thing for the people? What if we had a ballot question that asked you about whether or not Siberia should have a 3/5th vote on the Yukurzi Committee’s policies (*evil grin* google is not your friend today, but feel free to try)? Would you vote yes? Would you vote no? Where is the relevance? We have no context.

On another note, we have something a bit more closer to home; Municipal Electric Aggregation. Interestingly enough, I have talked to a few people on both sides of the fence (politically but also in terms of support of this measure) and have received some interesting viewpoints. From what I have gathered, Power Smart Pricing is potentially cheaper (depending on your usage), and even with MEA you have the option of opting-out. In fact, if you have Power Smart now, you are not automatically opted into MEA, which I think is a good thing. Regardless, there is still a huge lack of public discourse about these items. And we call ourselves a democracy?!? Ha!

And I haven’t even gotten to the races and candidates. Personally, I am less enthused about that section. But I understand that some of you are very passionate about the positions and offices.

Early voting starts October 22nd – I intend to know exactly how I want to vote by that date.

Oh IP, how I miss you some days.

Houlihans today

I plan to be at Houlihans, but Chuck Jackson is of town. I am hoping to talk more about the Board Meeting on Monday – maybe I can convince a board member to join us again. 🙂 I still do not have the video so I have not had a chance to review the meeting.


If that topic gets old, we can always talk about the social justice committee, or the County’s Community task force on social justice or the citizens for peace and justice.


Or bring a topic of your own. Come shoot the breeze with me. 🙂