quick update: October 15th board meeting agenda posted

Making this quick – will add more info later. Board members are adopting schools (woot!). Dr. Wiegand also provides a bit of context as to why they are going down this route and suggestions as to how to connect.

School Board Member
Barkstall Stig Lanesskog
Bottenfield Tom Lockman
BTW Sue Grey
Carrie Busey Tom Lockman
Centennial Ileana Saveley
Central Jamar Brown
Dr Howard Sue Grey
ECC Dave Tomlinson
Edison Sue Grey
Franklin Stig Lanesskog
Garden Hills Ileana Saveley
Kenwood Jamar Brown
Jefferson Kristine Chalifoux
Novak Academy Jamar Brown
Robeson Ileana Saveley
South Side Tom Lockman
Stratton Kristine Chalifoux
Westview Dave Tomlinson

Possible ways to connect with the school:

  •  Copied on school email regarding good news and upcoming events
  •  Visit classrooms
  •  Faculty/staff meetings (on agenda to listen to concerns, etc)
  •  Board Communications: Report on adopted school and highlight positive item

In my super brief glance at the agenda, the only other thing that stood out was the three candidates being appointed to the EEE committee (the EEE webpage is still really out of date, but at least a little better than over the summer).


Adopt a school


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