Future Facilities Steering Committee

I see that Unit 4/DeJong has posted a new page for the Steering Committee:


They have posted the agenda, the DeJong presentation and a DRAFT report. The attendees have not yet been posted/listed. [edit] Attendees now listed (see comments below).

Reading the presentation, it sounds like the Committee was hit with a wall of information. Good and mostly interesting, but still a wall. 🙂 Slide 12 gives an overview of the timeline (which I find helpful), slide 14 mentions that the report will be a living document and will grow/evolve/change over time. I really like how open Scott Leopold is (he put his email address on the presentation for anyone to see) and that they are openly inviting the committee to fact-check their work.

Slide 13 really sets the stage for what is expected of the Steering Committee:

This steering committee will evaluate the results from the community dialogue.

  • The community may love / like / or hate some or all of the options. The most important piece is the written comments.
  • Your task will be to take the results from the dialogue and form a recommendation for presentation to the superintendent.

I get the impression that the public as a whole is openly invited to be involved as much as possible. For those of us that are already “involved”, this will be easy and welcome. But what about those that feel “outside”? This is where I think the Social Justice Committee team/initiative is going to have to step up to the plate and help form those bridges, understanding the Ideology of those who are not in the dominant majority.

Hopefully, I am not making a mountain out of molehill. If I am, please call me on it.


6 Responses to “Future Facilities Steering Committee”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    The Committee members have been posted – quite a list:
    Maria Alanis – CUSD #4
    John Ayers Jr. – CUSD #4 Service Center
    Sam Banks – Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club
    Kristine Chalifoux – CUSD #4 Board of Education
    Marc Changnon – District Coordinator for Career Programs Unit #4
    Jamie Clausen – Community Member
    Elizabeth deGruy – CUSD #4 – Mellon
    Joan Dykstra – Savoy Village Bd. Trustee
    Ellen Elrick – Dr. Howard Elementary
    Sue Grey – CUSD #4 Board of Education
    Alvin Griggs – Champaign Park District
    Samantha Harvey – Centenial HS
    Greg Johnson – Centenial HS
    Bruce Knight – City of Champaign
    Rob Kowalski – City of Champaign, Planning Department
    Mike Krichhoff – Champaign County EDC
    Cathy Mannen – Champaign Federation of Teachers
    Victor Martinez – Former UI Employee (retired)
    Charles O. Nash Sr. – New Hope Church/Minister Alliance Champaign
    Robert Porter – Architect
    Barbara Ramsay – CUSD #4
    Karen Ray – Edison Middle School
    Jennifer Simmons – Dr. Howard Elementary PTA & Carrie Busey PTA
    Anna Simon – Champaign PTA Council
    Angela Smith – Assistant Sup. for Achievement & Equity
    Greg Stock – Centennial HS
    Stephanie Stuart – Community Relations CUSD #4
    Laura Taylor – CUSD #4
    Bill Taylor – South Side Elementary
    Jill Trentz – Dr. Howard Elementary
    Justin Uppinghouse – Edison Middle School
    Arlene Vespa – CUSD #4 Service Center
    Judy Wiegand – Superintendent
    Joe Williams – Champaign Central High School
    Susan Zola – Assistant Sup. For Achievement and C & I

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Here is what I wrote to Stephanie Stuart and Scott Leopold:

    Good afternoon, Stephanie and Scott,

    I am looking at the documents that have been posted to the FuturesFaciliites website and am very excited that you guys are really getting stuff out there and being very open. Thank you so much!

    In looking over the list of Steering Committee members, I am very concerned that the list is heavily weighted with Unit 4 employees. There is but one self-identified “community member” and one representative of a church, and a smattering of others like the two PTA reps I have included on this email, the Park District and the City. If the goal and mission of the Steering Committee is to assimilate and process feedback from the community to the administration, why is so much of the administration already on the committee?

    I am not saying this is a horrible, bad, terrible thing. 🙂 I am merely expressing a concern. I was very much expecting to see a much more diverse group that represents more walks of life. As I mentioned at Monday’s board meeting, I very much do not want our Future Facilities initiative to turn into another “Great Schools Together” or Big.Small.All flop.

    I thank each of you for all your hard work. You are amazing people and my hat is off to you.

    With respect,

    If you look on slide 9, you will find the following:
    “This committee will take the initial options developed by the executive committee and: Refine, Eliminate, Create New Options”

    I am very concerned about those that are typically missing from these kinds of discussion. Try to see who is not on the committee; representative parents and stakeholders (plural) of various cultural groups and socio-economic classes just to name a few. As stated in my letter to Stephanie and Scott, I am very confused why this Steering Committee is so heavy on Unit 4 folks. Granted, I definitely think Unit 4 should be represented, but 22 of the 35? Wow!

  3. Karen Says:

    It’s a steering 🙂 committee. Going to be steering things in the desired outcome direction? Hence, the usual assemblage of people?

  4. Chuck Jackson Says:

    I counted more than 22 but the point is well made. Especially since some of the “outsiders” are there more for political reasons than any other. For example, do we really think the city employees will primarily “evaluate the results from community dialogue” or are really there to represent the interests of city government? (Which isn’t to say they are dastardly, but they are not “community people” either.)

  5. pattsi Says:

    Just for the fun of it and stepping up to the challenge, I created the following formula, had I been tapped as god, to put together a steering committee:

    1. one representative from entities that are engaged with Unit 4, aka
    MTD,CPD, any food supplier, significant outside vendor, such as school
    choice, city of Champaign, Village of Savoy.
    2. one representative of Unit 4 administration, PTA council, teachers
    union, teacher aids, teachers not represented by union, if this exists
    3. one parent, not PTA, from each school, that would make up a
    subcouncil to work on issues and one representative of this group to
    be within the main committee
    4. one representative from areas of the community under represented,
    such as Shadow Wood, Bristol Park, etc.
    5. two individuals who had been significantly involved with Unit 4,
    but no so for at least one year or longer.

  6. Quick update « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] (with names and maybe even volunteers – woot!), the better. Pattsi outlined some of her suggestions for the Steering Committee, which plays into this discussion as […]

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