Nov 26th Special Board Meeting agenda has been posted

Even though it is not up in BoardDocs yet (and hence no additional documentation), the Nov 26 special board meeting has been posted on the Board’s Unit 4 page:


The highlights seem to be:

3 Responses to “Nov 26th Special Board Meeting agenda has been posted”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    The stuff on BoardDocs was posted on Friday, I think. As a bulk of tonight’s meeting seems to center around the policy changes, I looked at those first. The draft of 280.01 is a complete rewrite of said policy, and I think I like the language and intent better – especially the part about a blog the covers all the training and development activities of each board member. The other change to compensation (Policy 280.03) merely reflects a single added bullet-point for mandated training. I have an outstanding email to the Board, which I also copied to Dr. Laura Taylor, about who wrote the Policy. Dr. Taylor indicated it came from the State; I am finding it exceptionally difficult to locate exactly where in 105 ILCS 5 they are getting the wording from. Interesting that the Policy also references the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120).

    PS – the exhibit for board member training drives me up a wall; the PDF is a scan of two pages both in opposing orientations! Egads!!

    Thing is, I have this nagging feeling that board members did not write this policy. if they did not write it, how vested will they really be? If I were a board member, I would want to have had a hand in writing it, especially since it starts off with something like “The School Board desires …”

    The first part of the meeting is a audit presentation. *yawn* I’m sorry, but the presentation isn’t on the website and I cannot imagine an exciting audit presentation.

    The next section is Dr. Zola’s presentation on how the district is planning for 6 additional classrooms at roughly $68 a pop; this obviously does not include the actual construction (which will be in the $millions – that was covered in previous board meetings), the figure only represents paying for a teacher and classroom incidentals like computers, furniture and supplies.

    Section C covers changes to the high school curriculum handbook. While not a comprehensive list of all courses, the documents lists a significant number of Math classes. In fact, a number of classes sounded interesting to me – my favorite one was “Multimedia II and Video Game Design”. 🙂 Think I can sign up for it?

    And the rest of the meeting is about the policy changes I already mentioned.

    Who is going? Remember, as a Special Board Meeting there may be opportunities for Public Comment throughout the meeting, when the Board President (Stig) opens the floor. You gotta be quick, though.

  2. Nov 26th Special Board Meeting « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] Taylor finally wrapped up with the changes to policy I covered earlier; it still seems really strange to me that administration wrote the policy and presented it to the […]

  3. pattsi Says:

    JUST FYI, the training materials for the new CB are a memory stick containing videos of various county department heads explaining their roles within the county and the state statutes that direct what the CB does. This is accompanied by a loose leaf binder filled with more orientation materials. Last is the Roberts Rules for dummies laminated so it will be a hand reference during meetings. We are in the process of making certain a parliamentarian is available for the meetings.

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