Two more candidates for the school board

I am going to mention facebook pages for two candidates to the school board (election on April 9th, 2013). I am not saying whether I am for or against, my goal is merely to create a post I can link to for further discussion. I sincerely want to get to know these folks because:

  1. They obviously care about Unit 4 and want to be involved/engaged
  2. There is a good chance (so far, 4 out of 4 that I know of) they will be board members

Laurie Bonnett, a fellow candidate back in the March 2012 appointment:

John Williams III:

As mentioned early on, Ileana Saveley is also running and I am pretty sure she will have a website up soon. *grin*

And if you are asking about the 4th, the person has chosen to remain anonymous for the time being – I am just going off the number of packets being reported as picked up. For all I know there are a dozen anonymous folks out there who picked up packets directly from the County Clerk’s office. 🙂


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