Questions for new Board candidates?

Over the next month, I would like to develop a list of questions for new school board candidates. What questions do you feel are important to ask?


Here are some thoughts I have:

  1. In your opinion, what are the top three challenges facing the school district? How do you intend to address them during your term?
  2. In your opinion, what is the purpose of the school board?
  3. During the first year of your term, the Public Engagement Firm (DeJong-Richter & Fallon Research) will be preparing for a March 2014 referendum. How will you bring the voice of the taxpayers to the Futures Facilities Steering Committee?
  4. What are your strengths and how will those strengths mesh with the incumbent board members?
  5. Identify three areas the school district is doing well in, and how you will champion those areas so they continue to do well.

3 Responses to “Questions for new Board candidates?”

  1. pattsi Says:

    I thought you are concerned about transparency; yet, you do not include this in the list of questions. How about adding the following to the list:

    1. How will you engage the citizens of Unit 4 to find out what they think and what are specific concerns.
    2. Are you interested in adjusting the citizen participation procedure before board meetings to enhance citizen participation to be more meaningful.
    3. How will you go about setting the policy agenda for the administration?
    4. What are our thought about adding an urban planner to the administration staff?
    5. A question that will be based on the type of involvement the individual has had with Unit .
    6. What are the three things you want to accomplish during your first tenure on the board?
    7. The window of time between receiving the board packet and the meeting is very short. How would you suggest rearranging this so there is more time to absorb the information and ask any necessary questions?
    8. Do you have between 15-20 hours a week to be an effective board member?
    9. Identify three areas that you have identified where the board can improve and how would you do so?
    10. Why are you running for an elected position that is unpaid and takes at least 15-20/week of your time.

  2. Chuck Jackson Says:

    I would add,

    How do we evaluate the system? Not the students but the paid staff. Seeems reasonable to ask how do we evaluate the individual classroom? The school building? The administration? the school board? The entire district? In sum, How do we know when we are doing well and when we need to make changes?

    What is the balance between building on our strengths and making up for our weaknesses? Please answer in the context of programming as well as funding.

    What support would you give to unit 4 inviting increased social supports into our building? e.g. mental health professionals, paying for more social workers, paying staff to visit a student’s home, paying for more relationship/ mentoring staff.

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