Tonight: Futures Community meeting and Social Justice Committee

Tonight there are two Unit 4 events:

  1. Futures Facilities Community meeting
  2. Social Justice Committee [permalink for Nov 29th Agenda]

I plan to go to the Social Justice meeting; I have to be honest, though – I am growing a little more …. restless? Stir-crazy? I want to do stuff, and it is hard to see what kind of impact this committee is having. Call me impatient. 🙂 The minutes from the previous meeting indicate that the group reviewed feedback from the first meeting and also had a “working list activity”, but I am not able to find that information online. Is it posted?

However, I really want to hear from you all. What is your impression of both (the Future Facilities efforts and the Social Justice meetings)? Even if you have not yet been involved or taken the survey, what is your impression? Are they worthwhile? What have you heard from your friends?


One Response to “Tonight: Futures Community meeting and Social Justice Committee”

  1. pattsi Says:

    My concerns have to do with the population that has time and interest to be involved thus skewing the outcomes and data, lack of clarity as to the goals and purposes, and general malaise that appears to be infusing the citizens.

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