Houlihans plans for the next few weeks

So after the last couple of Houlihans meetings, we want to be a little more intentional about our gatherings in December (and January, and February, you get the picture). So even though we are more intentional, the format is still open and welcome new & old faces alike. 🙂 Take special note (Laura B) that the third gathering is on a TUESDAY.


Wednesday, December 5th: Letter-to-the-editor day – if you show up, you are helping to write a letter-to-the-editor (due December 5th) or you have already done so this week. (this is a throw-down challenge issued by Pattsi)


Wednesday, December 12th: I am inviting a board member or two to join us and talk about the last official board meeting of the year (December 10th), what next year holds, answer questions (or even ask questions).


Tuesday, December 18th: Scott Leopold will be joining us to report on DeJong-Richter and Fallon. He has seen Pattsi’s questions and will respond to them at this meeting. They have a Steering Team meeting the day before (Monday, December 17th) and will talk about that. I am really hoping they have the “living document” (aka, Background Report) ready to see the light of day, or at least an early version of it.


No official gathering for December 26th. Not sure about January 2nd, but I am thinking no gathering since it is still kind of the holidays. 🙂




3 Responses to “Houlihans plans for the next few weeks”

  1. Laura B. Says:

    I have the same conflict on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, my schedule is confusing. 🙂 Monday, Thursday, and Friday work best for me.

  2. Karen Says:

    These are lunch meetings? No time is specified. Are you done with your community forums at this point? I imagine this is for the sake of convenience (no problem, you’re in charge and host them), but, the time and location of your meetings don’t lend themselves well to broader participation of the community. It is unlcear to me though if these weekly meetings have replaced the community forums you hosted (during evening hours that did not require $)?

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    Good point. Yes, these are “lunch” meetings (note the quotes) – we typically meet at 11:30 when we meet at Houlihans. These were not meant to replace the evening forums, but rather to supplement them. I can’t speak for Chuck Jackson, but for myself I was hoping for a lot more participation in the evening forums and it was hard to sustain the energy. Did you find the evening forums helpful?

    I totally agree that the evening forums are much more conducive to a community discussion. I just don’t know how to get more people at the table. And then the PE firm stepped in and did something very similar to what Chuck and I have been trying to do (at a much larger price tag). Also, what we did at Shadow Wood morphed into something really cool and I hope more things like that get off the ground.

    If you are volunteering to help organize an evening forum, I am all ears.

    By the way, our gatherings at Houlihans do not cost a dime. I know, you are thinking you have to pay for lunch. Frequently we do not eat. Or some will order a soup or a salad – but not everyone.

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