Champaign Schools now on Vimeo

I didn’t catch this in last week’s district newsletter (it’s mentioned in a little blurb on the lower left), but Unit 4 is slowly starting to spread the word that they have a presence on Vimeo. To make it bold and explicit, here is the link:


Looking at the Portfolios link, I even seen a Board meeting. 🙂 Woot. There are also other videos about Core Curriculum, Academic Spotlights and Grade Level meetings (not sure what the last is).


I also noticed on the latest “To the Point” District newsletter (4 pages) they are now including the Vimeo favicon along with facebook and twitter. The newsletter is an extremely upbeat take on all the recent changes going on, highlighting recent construction (Garden Hills, BTW, Carrie Busey and now Westview), massive deployments of technology (smartboard, plus training via Instructional Coaches), the Novak Academy and also some of the recent academic achievements, noting perfect scores on the SAT and ACT. And to wrap it all up, how the public engagement firm DeJong-Richter is helping the district to collect the communities opinion and how to address future growth. But read it for yourself. 🙂


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