December 10th Board Meeting

Yesterday there were quite a large number of recognition.  First up was the talented Likith Govindaiah; perfect SAT and ACT scores. Wow! That makes my head hurt. Lots and lots of other things going on, including the cute “skin care” line from BTW sponsored on WCIA. Justin Uppinhouse was present along with some Edison parents for the Edison Academic Spotlight. And then we jumped into commentaries.

I happened to go first. I intended to address the board about Transparency and Accountability, using two specific cases; one was a challenge to have a Unit 4 5th grader able to understand the finance reports, and the second was about how the committees are not well known, nor what they are doing. I fear I totally bumbled what I wanted to say – I had a number of anecdotal stories and illustrations, by I lost ’em while at the podium.

Next up was a gentleman speaking about the School Resource Officers and a challenge of his own. He cited a recent NYTimes article about SROs (which I have been unable to find), and shared his own thoughts about how SROs are not academic officers.

Lynn Stuckey was next and final; she shared her angst about how hiring Dejong is (was?) a foregone conclusion, that we are merely repeating Great Schools Together.

I apologized if I oversimplified what these citizens spoke about. I was able to record the show on my TiVo, but I cannot get it off to post online. I am told that Unit 4 will be did popping it up on Vimeo “any second now”. 🙂

And then I got up again to read a prepared statement from the PTA Council, filling in for a sub who was filling in for the PTA Council president, who was sick. The statement basically said “thanks to Kristine Chalifoux for coming to the PTA Council meeting and sharing about the Futures Conference and process”.

Then the board members had their chance to share out. Most members had things to report from the various schools they have adopted – Jamar continues to set the bar high for everyone else. *grin* Just as an interesting observation, it is really cool to hear all these awesome things going on at schools, but so far I don’t see board members meeting with parents, per se. I am curious if parents are taking advantage of their adoptive board members.

When it got back around to Stig, he issued a challenge for the community. Or two:

  1. educate yourselves about the candidates (applications now due on December 26th, so we should learn about everyone who filed shortly after that)
  2. do your part to get the word out (about what goes on in Unit 4)

I have mixed feelings about these challenges. If nothing else, these are at least points we can respond to, in one fashion or another. I very much agree with the first one. 🙂

Next Dr. Wiegand reported three personnel changes, which have by now been officially announced and released to the Press:

I had to leave shortly after that (and I haven’t watched the rest of the meeting, yet). From what I saw on the agenda and from fast-forwarding through the meeting, it looked like a lot of updates from Canon Design and Dr. Joe Davis.

Last but certainly not least, Unit 4 has also announced that Board Member Tom Lockman has stepped down from his Board position:

Lot’s of changes in the Board.

Let me know if I misstated or missed anything.


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  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Vimeo video now available:

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