April 2013 School board candidates

re: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/education/2012-12-26/champaign-urbana-candidates-file-april-school-board-elections.html


7 candidates for the 5 open seats in Unit 4:


I have added links for candidates that have a public page  – I personally know that some candidates are working to get a page up soon. And I plan to bug each of them, so consider this fair warning. 🙂


It is an interesting cast of characters. When I look at this list, I think of what a school board is supposed to do, and what I want a school board to do. Which is very tricky, because if nothing else, we are often very divided along several paths and we all want different things. But my slant, my bias (or lens) is that I am looking for a kind of change that does away with the “way we have always done things” and instead keeping an eye on what is best for our community and our schools. “Isn’t that what the board already does?” I am not convinced that the spaghetti code of our policies, the way the Federal and State governments proclaim unfunded mandates and the “traditional” way of holding meetings is up to par with what we need in our time. They may have served a purpose is days gone by, but I firmly believe we need to try something else, even if they have already been tried in the past.


What kinds of things do you want to know about?

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