Applicants for Unit 4 Board Member vacancy

The following 13 folks have submitted applications to fill the 2 current vacancies – the term will end after the April 9th elections.


Arlene Blank
Josh Beardall
Laurie Bonnett
David Frye
Ginny Holder
Chuck Jackson
Scott McAdam
Elly Peirson
Karl Radnitzer
Adam Slagell
Lynn Stuckey
Mark Toalson
Phil Van Ness

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2 Responses to “Applicants for Unit 4 Board Member vacancy”

  1. Kingsley Allan Says:

    I’m happy to see Mark Toalson putting his name forward. I have served with Mark for many years in a professional organization where he stepped up to serve and brought all his talent to bear. He was a consensus builder who lead without ego.

  2. Another look at the school board candidates | Citizen4: A citizen's blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] has served on at least one committee (search for superintendent) and put her name in for the January vacancies (after Tom Lockman and Sue Grey left). We have her responses to the NG surveys, and what she said […]

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