Taking another pulse

A little over a year ago, I started a poll asking in general what issues readers thought were most pressing in Unit 4. At the time, the top 5 issues were:

  1. Communication & Transparency
  2. Leadership
  3. Image and Perception
  4. Kindergarten Lottery
  5. Other

So I am asking for a fresh set of opinions. And yes, I will be reporting on “Other”, so please don’t feel like that is a throw-away category – it’s just harder to correlate. 🙂

You don’t have to choose 10 – just pick those that are on your own radar.


3 Responses to “Taking another pulse”

  1. G. David Frye Says:

    I’m having a little trouble believing that, in spite of all the discussion and activity, there isn’t a clear option here about the need to replace Central High School.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Poll updated – hit “refresh”.

    By the way, nothing stops you from adding it yourself. 🙂 True, it will not show up until I manually change things, but…. just sayin’.

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    Hmm…. the poll is not updating with my addition (in my browser). Future visitors should see the modified version. Not sure if I have to whack some cookies or what.

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