Jan 28th board meeting

Video posted: http://www.cb-pta.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=53


This was a monster meeting – about 3 hours. The video has about an hour of black afterwards because I recorded on Tivo and I didn’t get it shut off soon enough. Also, you might want to fast-forward the first 10 minutes or so, as it looks like the Board came back from Exec session a little later. David Hohman is working on making the Jan 7th and Jan 28th videos on Vimeo (soon).


I don’t have the mental stamina to comment much (watching that thing really taxes me). I’ll be brief. The preview I did also covers a bit of stuff.

[PS – Houlihans tomorrow]



Cathy Mannen gave a statement on behalf of the CFT. The CFT typically does not say anything at Board Meetings, so my ears perked up when she got up. Ms. Mannen shared about the need to focus on appropriate assessments as opposed to standardized tests. I felt myself very much agreeing with her statements. I have asked Ms. Mannen if she is willing to share the short survey they did.


I didn’t really get the talk by Dr. Rice; it was obviously just for the board’s ears, about how to be board members. I was a bit surprised when Stig segued into giving public acknowledgement to the board member candidates that were currently in the room; he had them stand up and he even introduced them (Stuckey, Williams, Bonnett).


The committee presentations (Parent Advocacy, Transitions and 504 plans) were pretty much straight from the documents saved on BoardDocs; I was tickled that Tony Howard highlighted the weebly website. The irony is that Joe Williams pointed out how much overlap there is between the committees, but the committees don’t even know what the others are doing (at least, as a committee member, I didn’t have a clue). I mean, there is lots of sincere and good intentions, but it seems to me that a ton of work and research is silo’ed. How many people will even become aware of these Committees? (you blog readers have a slight advantage, I like to think *grin*) Much less what they even do. If nothing else, this is why I jumped on the opportunity to create a public website and a public google group for the Advocacy Committee – I want people to learn more about it.


Ken Kleber tried hard to make his AEEOO report interesting. It’s just hard. Or maybe I have horrible attention span. It’s good stuff to talk about it, but the meeting is already long.


Having said that, David Hohman did his best to one-up everyone else with color slides. They have some really cool technology things coming down the pike; new drupal website with cool hooks (bells & whistles), embracing the theme of “educational technology”, “flipping the classroom”, wireless networks, etc. With all this coolness and a relatively small staff, I wonder how they pull it off? Yes, I can imagine they are swamped right now – the things they are introducing are massive (even though you and I will only see the tip of the iceberg). They have money for all this? What about long-term maintenance? Is this sustainable? Lynn Stuckey posited some valid questions about accessibility, and it is something that the Tech Team is chewing on.

Some other thoughts. Board member Jamar Brown had a lot of things to question, which is good I think. He obviously has a passion and interest in minorities and he is looking out for opportunites. Kudos to him. New board members Phil Van Ness and Arlene Blank jumped right in with their own questions and concerns. Stig Lannesskog, Board President, also had a lot to share – I have never heard him talk so much. 🙂 For me, I like hearing what the board is thinking because these are my elected officials, and when they speak in open session it gives me some idea how they will steer and shape the future of the district.


And now I go to quiet my headache. More to follow. I invite others to comment as well (Please!!).


PS – Houlihans tomorrow.


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