Mental Health Forum Tonight! (via the PTA Council) – CANCELLED


The Unit 4 PTA Council is holding a 2nd mental health forum. As Panelists will again discuss programs they offer to parents, families, and adolescents. We will continue the discussion regarding how organizations can collaborate with the district to improve families’ access to services. Panelists will also be available to answer questions.
The hope is that this will be an ongoing discussion within the district and community to ensure individual, family, and community safety.
Mental health is an important element of everyday life. By promoting mental health awareness we can work together to educate our families, remove stigmas, and safeguard our families so that tragedies do not occur in our community. Please join us for this discussion!

March 5, 2013 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Mellon Building 703 S. New St.
Board Room

Any questions can be directed to Sheri Williamson:
PTA Council Vice-President
Panelists will include:
Community Elements Access Initiative Carle Child Diagnostic Clinic Melanie Sivley, Private Practice Prairie Center Crosspoint Services east-Central Illinois Safe Schools Alliance Pavilion Behavioral Center


UPDATE: This event has been moved to April 6th.

3 Responses to “Mental Health Forum Tonight! (via the PTA Council) – CANCELLED”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Mental Health Forums are important to share information to parents. Nonetheless as I have previously posted, I have not seen any of the individuals involved in planning these forums come before the County Board and/or the CC Community Justice TF to talk about the mental health needs in K-12. These needs relate to the larger issue that is taking a lot of time and attend of the CB related to the jail issue. Mental health is a major aspect of what is being explored. The problem of school to jail pipeline. And as part of the discussions being held by the CJTF is the legitimate question as to the effectiveness of the myriad of programs within the community. Actually, the TF is finding that there is very little data. So forums can be held to distribute information, but this may not be useful actually.
    There will be a public community meeting on the jail issue scheduled for 28 March at the CPL. The purpose is for community citizens to come and talk about their concerns of how criminal/community justice functions within this county. The TF members as well as the CB members will be there to listen. In addition, Dr. Kalmanoff, director of ILPP consulting firm hired by the county, is making a special trip to attend this public meeting.
    Further, Josh Hartke and I, both the CB district 6 representatives, will be holding Town Hall IV, 24 March, 1-2 P, at CPL to extend the opportunity for residents to talk with us about the jail issues. The jail is not the only major focus right now. There is also the CC Nursing Home, the airport, and land use planning for the county. As I have mentioned before there are 3 big issues that taxpayers need to pay attention to–There is a potential for 4 possible referenda in the next couple of years. These would be to generate monies for Unit 4, the jail, the nursing home, and airport authority, respectively.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Due to weather, this event has been rescheduled (again) for April 6th.

    Pattsi, I’ll pass along your statements to Sheri.

  3. pattsi Says:

    Last night on the CBS news, there was a piece about jails/prisons becoming he new mental health facilities. In case you missed this, view it here

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