Community Dialog survey results posted

The survey results are now posted on the futurefacilities website.

The Report has 5 pages of Executive Summary – probably a good place to start reading.  There is a huge difference in the level of support from the “print” responses (pages 9-33) vs the “online” responses (pages 34-54). I believe the “Executive Summary” totally discounts the 161 No votes in the online responses. Interesting that.  My bad – I was totally reading the wrong chart. Sorry about that. The numbers of folks in support of the tax referendum is similar across the board. Also, I found it quite interesting that the Group responses failed to come up with a unified “No” vote, but there is almost a split between “No consensus” and “Yes” (all in regards to a $200+ million tax referendum).

I am sure there is a ton more interesting stuff in there. 🙂

I have not yet pored through the color-coded excel spreadsheet.


Update: Egregious typo on my part corrected.

Interesting news from Unit 4 about the new registration "dashboard"

From Stephanie Stuart about the new registration “dashboard“:


Statement Regarding Online Kindergarten Registration Dashboard
March 7, 2013

This year, Champaign Schools made it a priority to improve transparency around our Schools of Controlled Choice system for kindergarten registration. As part of this effort, we launched a parent dashboard as part of our online registration system, which allows parents to track specific information on the number of applicants to each elementary school. While are excited to offer this new feature, we’re aware that many parents have experienced errors when registering online and have found it difficult to access the dashboard after submitting their application.

We are very concerned about these issues and are working with our technical team to resolve them. We are also working with our team to provide a stand-alone parent dashboard so that this information is more easily accessible on our website. We anticipate these issues will be resolved and live on our website by Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

We are also offering daily technical support for the online registration and choice application system from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time Zone. If you experience an error with the on-line system please email

In addition to visiting or calling our Family Information Center (1103 N. Neil Street in Champaign, 351-3701) you may also contact any of the following District employees who are happy to assist with your questions and concerns:

For More Information, Contact:
Stephanie Stuart, Community Relations Coordinator
(217) 351-3822


I have an outstanding question to Dr. Wiegand and Tom Lockman (as of March 3rd):

“I am curious, we have contracted to pay $92,000 to Dr. Alves’ company, but in the contract he also specified that he would work on an hourly basis as needed (just like his previous contract). I believe he listed $100/hour and another rate ($62/hour?) for his colleagues. Is the work that Dr. Alves is doing this weekend and ongoing to fix the problems of the initial software deployment part of the $92,000, or are we now above and beyond that amount?”



Steering Committee Report 3.6.2013

From Chuck Jackson:

Even though I had another meeting last night, I decided to go to the Steering committee meeting for the first hour to see what I could learn.

I took six pages of notes in the 45 minutes I was there – everything I say is constrained by the fact that I wasn’t at the whole meeting. I left before 7.

Much of this is predicated on knowing the context, specifically the options. Head on over to the Future Facilities website [] and get the options packet (go ahead, I’ll wait). Scott said that all his materials that he distributed to the members would be online later that night. I don’t see them there at this moment but I could be looking in the wrong spot or he is just running behind.

Main Report to the Committee

With regard to the five priority ordered considerations (as I recall question #2 on the survey.)

Respondents were asked to rank order five considerations. I didn’t feel these captured my priorities but this was the question. The five (from memory)

• Financial

• Alternative transportation accessibility (transportation other than cars)

• Vehicular accessibility

• Social

• Environmental

Seventy two people put financial considerations as their number one priority, far and away the top.

Scott put weighted scores on high school location, West received a score of 500; North 431; Northwest 417. One of the points he made about that was there is no clear winner from among the options presented.

Several times he referenced the future conference and treated the input from that as hard data and controlling input. This view of that experience is a way too optimistic view of the futures conference. Not only did it only reach a TINY proportion of the population, (which was self selected) but it too was very constraining and could not possibly reflect a true snapshot of what the community wants.

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