The March 14th BOE Candidate Forum

Some facts:

  1. The forum started with 6 non-Unit 4 employed community members in the audience; ended with 12
  2. The video was not available live, but is being rebroadcast at 4:pm for a few days on CGTV 5
  3. The video is now available for on-demand viewing at the Unit 4 Vimeo site (I will syndicate it soon in a smaller size)
  4. Meg Dickinson has two NG articles (before the forum, after the forum)


Some questions:

  1. If the population were really serious about this “race”, where would they go to learn more about each candidate and size them up?
  2. Where is the debate? Do folks not care, or is it that folks do care, but are rather busy at the moment?


I’ll provide more feedback once I watch the video.


Your turn for questions/comments/observations.