houlihans: high school siting pseudo workshop

Tomorrow at 11:30 at Houlihans, we will have a bare-bones mock up of a high school siting workshop (ie, charrette). It’ll be rough – the idea is what we are looking for your input on how to do a real charrette.


To help, I am bringing a 3′ by 3′ color (barely) printout of the school district, all streets (major arteries labelled), and schools (private and public). I will also bring a bunch of pens (and pencils if I can find some around the house).


What you can bring: colored pencils/markers, monopoly hotels/houses (I don’t have any *sad face*) and a wealth of ideas. Also someone willing to take notes and pictures would be helpful.


What I will not have ready: demographic overlays for income levels, population density, etc. I will bring the Dejong Richter packet as a separate document for reference.


The objective: we will figure out 1) what the process of figuring out Central looks like, and maybe even 2) come up with some creative ideas. Just today I ran across someone who had an idea I had never heard before, and I’ll share that at the meeting tomorrow.


This is a trial run to see how it goes. When we get ready for Prime Time(r), we will advertise in the News-Gazette and elsewhere.

One Response to “houlihans: high school siting pseudo workshop”

  1. en·gage·ment (part 1 of 2) | Citizen4: A citizen's blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] Typically when I use the word “engagement” on this blog, I have in mind definition #7, one of collaboration and mutual involvement. It is with that thought in mind we gathered at Houlihans this past week for a fun and very tactile discussion of where to put a new Central High School. […]

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