2 Responses to “more on engagement (part 1.5)”

  1. pattsi Says:

    My children no longer part of Unit 4 24 years ago. That said my major question is while these policies have been in place basically a quarter of a century what happened to the collective memories of past boards and Unit 4 administrations? If these policies had been followed, there probably would never have been a need for a consent decree. Think about it.

  2. Karen Says:

    This is why IMO the board needs a completely fresh start. No more of the same old stuff. Why do we need people on the board who are partly responsible for failing to maintain buildings, predict growth, etc., passively contributing to the current state of affairs in the district? Also, what good are rubber-stampers? Even though I think I am at odds with some of the ‘political’ positions of candidates Chuck Jackson and Lynn Stuckey I certainly have confidence that they will at least READ stuff that they are responsible for reading and actually THINK about things before voting . Given the questions some current board members ask (at least during the public part of board meetings) on issues they are tasked with voting on, I get the impression that, at best, they (some of them) do little more than skim through things. And, no. The ‘well, they’re volunteers and they have stacks of stuff to read for board meetings’ is not an excuse that flies with me (a regular old community member). This is what you sign on for. Take it seriously. I am not particularly warm on candidates who swoop in during election time touting their edu-lingo’d care and concern for the district, yet there is little evidence of particularly active involvement in the district, to date. Sure, that could change, but, ‘political’-type candidates I associate more with words vs. action. This district continues to get all bent-out-of-shape when you dare to ask for accountability relative to policy. You’re in the wrong for asking for it even though it’s been on the books, as Pattsi stated, for a quarter century. Change your policy or actually follow it. If you can’t do either of those things, you’re probably breaching your contract. But, when the fox guards the hen house and all that…things never change. I wish more tax-payers would wake up and/or stand up. We pay for this …. ! only to be seen as the ‘problem.’ The thing is when you see how it’s done ‘well’ elsewhere, you see how transparency and accounatabililty are respected–even welcomed. People, and the standards, morals, and integrity they live and breath, make the difference. JM cheery O.

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