a more objective look at the candidates: part 1

After my last post about the board candidates, I wished I had more objectivity to hang my hat on. So I pulled up the board candidate PTA Council forum and went through it making notes. If you ever try it, you know that it is a time-consuming task. So my notes are by far not complete, but they give me a lot to start looking at. My end goal is to come up with campaign promises made by each candidate, with the intention of holding whomever is elected to those promises. I believe that is our obligation as voters. I also firmly believe that holding those elected accountable forms the basis of a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship.


So here are my notes. Take them as they are – just notes. Not a transcription. I invite corrections, additions, explanations, etc etc.



Next, I intend to gather text from other sources, like the NG questionnaire, FB, webpages, etc. Again, my lens is to be objective and find campaign promises.


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