Congrats to the new board members

According to the Champaign County Clerk’s website (and Meg Dickinson’s tweet 🙂 ), the new board members are:

  • Laurie Bonnet
  • Lynn Stuckey
  • Scott MacAdam

Congrats to all three.

Now our job as the citizenry is to hold them to their promises. 🙂 I’ll continue working on collecting those from over the past few weeks; since I delayed, I now only have to do three instead of all five.

Looking forward to an exciting couple of years.


The final roster for the Board of Education is:

  • Kristine Chalifoux
  • Jamar Brown
  • Stig Lanesskog
  • Ileana Saveley
  • Scott MacAdam
  • Lynn Stuckey
  • Laurie Bonnett

A very interesting mix.


Final EDIT:

Meg’s related NG article:


One Response to “Congrats to the new board members”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Also, congrats to John Williams and Chuck Jackson for all their time and effort and serious bid for the seats; it is great to see competition for the school board seats.

    Further congrats to Stig Lanesskog and Ileana Saveley for racking up so many votes even though it was an uncontested race for the 2-year seat.

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