Wrapping up the "final" recommendation from the Parent Advocacy Committee

The Parent Advocacy Committee is wrapping up their final recommendation for Dr. Wiegand. I am including the presentation here in an effort to see what you all think – I’ll comment later as I have time.


Parent Advocacy Committee Presentation- Final 4.22.13


If you would like some context as to how we arrived at these recommendations, I would suggest two resources (if you up for some reading):


Or just ask questions here and I’ll try to answer them. 🙂


I myself have glanced through the presentation, but have not yet digested it.


One Response to “Wrapping up the "final" recommendation from the Parent Advocacy Committee”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    For those who don’t want to visit the google group for the committee, I sent comments last night.

    I am kicking off discussion of the presentation sent by Cheryl on Wednesday. For quick reference, you can find the powerpoint file on our weebly site:

    Overall thought
    I personally really like the Parent-Teacher home visit program. I did not realize we added Administrators to that concept; adds an interesting element. While I think we have covered good ground and have proposed several good ideas, perhaps one thing missing from this presentation is an explicit statement of why parent advocacy is needed in our school district. I am uncertain whether or not we have convinced those who sit at the middle of Dr. Taylor’s “Ideology Circle” why we need these extra initiatives. Or perhaps we are forging ahead despite them? 🙂

    I really like the tenets set forth by the Parent Educator Partnership (PEP); what would happen if the entire community, including the district administration, embraced the ideas of collaborating between teachers and community members to ensure the success of each child?

    Having said all that, I am concerned we are not making a strong enough statement. We want change, correct? What change do we want? I could be wrong, but like Board Member Jamar Brown said in response to Orlando Thomas’s presentation of Temporary Alternative Learning Placement (TALP), “it’s about relationships”. Building healthy, solid relationships is messy and inefficient work. Our policies have trended towards what is more efficient and “easy.” And I believe this has hurt us; the soft costs, measured in societal attitudes towards justice, have become unbearable.

    Layout and flow of presentation
    – recommend that the two “Proposed Initiatives” slides (slide 6-7) be consolidated to one slide by eliminating the two-word “definition alignment” of each initiative, or at least make those smaller (footnotes?) so all initiatives can be on one page
    – proposed titles for slide 15; “To do”, “Action Items”
    – There seems to be overlap between the Parent Educator Partnership (slide 11) and the initiatives that precede it (slides 8-10), but more focused on special needs and IEP. Is it possible to integrate IEP and special needs into the first three initiatives?

    Individual topic questions
    – Slide 5: what is “innovative advocacy”? 🙂 What does it look like?
    – Slide 8: Will participants in the Parent-Parent mentorship program have dedicated contacts within the district – with whom they can raise issues?
    – Slide 9: How are we going to address concerns raised by Cathy Mannen in terms of home visits?
    – Slide 12: Since this program (Parent Involvement Network, aka PIN) was previously implemented, can we get more details on what kind of impact it had?
    – Slide 13: What is the transition model? It is not clear to me how the last three bullets are different than what we do now.

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