Future Facilities Steering Team Final Recommendations posted

The Future Facilities Steering Team Final Recommendations posted have been posted on boardDocs in preparation for the May 13th BOE meeting. And I daresay, the new board sounds like they are ready to shake a leaf or two. 🙂


Final Board Presentation_FINAL_05102013_amg.pdf (2,495 KB)

Recommendation_Worksheet_FINAL_05102013_amg.pdf (1,059 KB)

TED Talks ED

PBS joined together with TED to produce, what they called, their first TV show; a special section on Education:


All 5 of the student interviews (only 2 shown during this show) can be seen at:



I found it to be very intriguing, in both good and bad ways. The cast of characters was quite impressive, from students with poignant messages to retired teachers with very compelling tales; Bill Gates and Sir Ken Robinson in the same half hour (Anthony Cody would just have a ball). I found a lot of things I agree with, and only a small smattering of points I disagree with. While I “felt good” about the show, it is not clear what exactly I, as an audience member, am supposed to do. Perhaps what I hear from this show is Geoffrey Canada’s call, “Enough is enough!” We cannot abide suboptimal schools. For whatever reason. Let us be active and involved in making things better. Of course the eternal question is, What exactly do we do?


Following are my “cliff notes” of the video.

{All times below are bookmarks into the elapsed time of the TEDtalksED video}


Singer/songwriter/accomplished artist John Legend was the MC. He kicked things off by Read the rest of this entry »