May 13th board meeting, taxes

I have uploaded the video of the May 13th board meeting:

And Meg Dickinson has her article from Monday night:

There are several other sources around I have stumbled upon that I cannot link;

  • Saturday NG Meg Dickinson article (print-only) about the taxes from a possible referendum (similar to the Monday night wrap-up but with much more detail)
  • Today’s WDWS talk with Stephanie Stuart (for some reason, I can’t find any recent podcasts between Moline and Stuart, even from last month)
  • Fox News aired a clip about taxes (how does one look for local news on Fox’s website?)

2 Responses to “May 13th board meeting, taxes”

  1. pattsi Says:

    The following article is a good foundation for conversation about rethinking how a government entity functions. The examples are cities, but this does not preclude that there are lessons for school districts.

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