2013 Kindergarten Lottery preliminary observations

Even though the bulk of my FOIA was denied, the few images I did receive still has a tiny bit of meat to chew on.


  1. For instance, on April-19 we had 790 total Kindergarten students, but on April-22 we only had 751. Hmm…
  2. Likewise, 768 applicants on the 19th, 720 on the 22nd. Keep in mind that registration was in March.
  3. But what gets me the most is that on April 22nd, we had 31 folks unassigned and still 113 open seats. Ouch.


It would be interesting to have the dashboard up and running so we could see more information about the waitlist and how school assignments change throughout the summer. The initial kindergarten lottery is only just the start of this yearly saga – our district has a ton of mobility and seats open up and change all the time.


Now if only I could find a dependable program to convert grainy pdf images into real spreadsheets…. (I tried Nitro, but it has a number of quirks).