Cliff notes from the June 10th regular board meeting

As with my other cliff notes:

  • all errors are my own; keep in mind these are not authoritative minutes, just my own notes
  • all times are offsets from the video I link
  • if you spot any problems or inaccurate statements, please let me know
  • feel free to fill in areas I did not cover


Video link

{note: the video is from TiVo and starts at 5:30; the board meeting starts at 6:00pm so be prepared to fast forward. Also, there is quite a lot of dead space at the end of the video that I have not truncated}


Read Meg Dickinson’s NG article for another take on the meeting, and her twitter feed (you have to scroll back to June 10th, I don’t know how to deep link all her tweets as a group for the night).


Cliff Notes

00:00 – 09:35
Press conference about gun violence by several prominent members of the African-American community.
33:42 board meeting starts with recognitions and academic spotlight
40:15 Laurie Bonnett asks what credit/remunerance kids get for the summer entrepreneurship program. Marc Changnon says they get nothing, 100% volunteer. Except personal satisfaction. 🙂
41:55 Jamar Brown gives kudos to Marc, thanks Marc for thinking outside the box. Also notes how the adults in the program are growing as well.
45:16 Kristine Chalifoux asks for list of companies that are involved in the program so we can thank them.
45:41 Recognitions
49:23 public comment
Dan Goines (sp??): site director, expressing a concern about why MTD avoids Carrie Busey.
51:00 Dr. Wiegand talks about starting a conversation with Bill Volk and MTD. Also similar issue with Barkstall.
52:10 another public comment, I didn’t catch the name. Tighten up in schools. Tighten up on respect, regulations, etc. Dress code. The adults need take charge and let everyone else know who sets the rules.
56:34 Board member communication
56:45 Lynn Stuckey clarifies her email address (
57:18 Jamar thanks folks for the high school graduations; again mentions having graduation on different days at the same location. Mentioned how significant the Kenwood 5th grade promotion was. Excited that kids are stepping up the challenge of achievement and expectations.
59:29 Bonnett; summer employment program – talks about the joy of having high school kids. Talks about filling Stig’s vacancy. Wants to talk publicly. Wants public interviews. Spot needs to be filled by July 22nd. Chalifoux liked the process used to fill Novak’s vacancy. MacAdam concurs. Special Board meeting on July 15th proposed by Lynn.
1:04:38 informational items
upcoming events – board retreat not mentioned
1:05:00 reports on new business
1:05:23 Gail Rost CUSF. “Building teachers through education”, “Stronger community with innovative programs to make college-ready studets”. Lots of good things said. “help us get more kids!”
1:21:43 Brown – glad that we are raising the standards. Thanks for the demographic slide. How are you receiving students? Gail calls them “access points”; in every 8th grade classroom; all school registrations; community meetings, board meetings, etc.
01:23:26 Chalifoux: big thanks. A lot of confusion about what high school students need for college. CU-Scholars provides that information/skill set pathway.
1:27:14 Ileana Saveley: what can the district do to promote it, how to bring in more African-Americans.
1:27:42 Stuckey: work with ministerial alliance or other faith-based groups? Gail says yes, about a year ago. Stuckey says do it again. how to track students to see how they are impacted. Gail says they only have anonymous tracking information. Also Gail says it is hard to attract “high achievers”.
1:31:19 MacAdam: thanks for the program. Mentions all the hard work that Gail has doing.
1:33:10 Maria Alanis on the International Academy. Explains an example schedule for various students (5-6th grade, 7-8th grade, etc) to help demonstrate what it looks like. No official recess; Hazel park is north of Bradley, but because it is a busy street, she is not comfortable with crossing the street.
1:37:27 Bonnett reiterates that it is important for mental health for students to get up and walk around, so keep looking for solutions.
1:38:12 Beginning of four Policy readings
1:39:08 Brown asks for clarification about locating soccer goals
1:39:29 Bonnett asks how these policies pop up on the radar; answer is BLDD audit
1:39:55 Stuckey asks about anchoring mobile soccer goals
1:42:06 Bonnett asks what we were doing before this new policy; the policy codifies current practices
1:42:50 Student ambassador program = student voice at board table. Very interesting.
1:44:15 MacAdam asks if other districts are doing student ambassadors; former board member Dave Tomlinson had suggested this to Culver (previous Superintendent).
1:44:45 Brown says he has seen and heard that it works well. Points out that final applications due in May, but May is already done. Wiegand says they might try a pilot with a deferred timeline starting in Fall.
Bonnett likes this idea, talks about how important it is to advocate for themselves.
1:46:15 Stuckey asks what happens for Novak Academy, which may have transient students.
1:51:14 MacAdam clarifies that the policy is specific to staff, not students per se;
1:51:38 Stuckey thanks for emphasizing professionalism, not punitive. Staff are not to use personal devices for personal social media? The response is about during class time, not personal free time.
1:53:20 Action Agenda
Bills and Treasurers report – Matt Foster
1:53:48 MacAdam thanks for quick responses from Matt Foster.
1:54:45 Summer Employment program – Orlando Thomas. Bonnett asks for clarification about what happened and why we are paying more now.
1:57:15 Stuckey asks for clarification about licenses (workman’s compensation?). I think this is the question about the 150x one-time fee. Orlando attempts to explain how payroll is done electronically and how students have to have accounts, and we have to buy in bundles of 150.
1:58:56 Discipline committee puts forward new code of conduct/student handbook.
1:59:30 Chalifoux asks about the mailing cost; it is something we do every year
2:00:14 Dave Hohman; rfp for lots of computing devices (ie, chromebooks)
2:02:15 Stuckey comments that the chromebooks are very nice, wants one. 🙂
2:03:19 Laura Taylor about “freshman day” to aid in transitions (and other relevant programs).
2:04:29 Stuckey clarifies that we are losing ($15,000 – $20,000) state funding since 10th – 12th grade will be marked as “absent” on freshman only day.
2:06:39 Cahill serving as Business/Finance Director mentoring/consulting.
2:08:00 Bonnett states “we need you to be successful”.
2:08:38 new appointments to Promises Made Promises Kept committee.
2:10:34 Stuckey proposes amended motion; wants the new committee appointees (CFT, CESP, PTA) to be voted on separately (when they are known).
2:11:50 Bonnett mentions some items pulled – what was pulled? Busses were pulled. Why?
2:12:07 Board member appointments to committees.
CUSF: MacAdam
CFT: Laurie +
CESP: Jamar + MacAdam
Controlled Choice: Bonnett
Curriculum: Chalifoux mentions that it was taken off the “board committee”. Skipped for now
Discipline: Jamar + Ileana
EEE: Ileana
Facilities: Stuckey + Chalifoux
Finance Committee (brand new): everyone wants on; macadam, brown. Community member, how?
IASB: for the new ; macadam
PMPK:  Lynn
Strategic Planning: Kristine + Lynn
2:20:10 gonig back over “pulled” items
line item j: robeson change order: Why it was pulled? Bonnett says; concerned about pushing the envelope of change orders, engage in more discussion, concerned about the limit of $25,000 seems too high. Washer/Dryer? Arlene Vespa explains a little.
approval of westview change order #8: it appears that the damage was caused by a previous abatement – no responsibility? Vespa explains that the initial work was expected to be a lot less, but when they started they found more work to do.
approval of westview change order #9: Bonnett explains that she sees these big ticket items and questions them. Bonnett asks why the change is needed. Vespa explains, Bonnett asks whose responsibility was the mistake. Chalifoux explains why we have contingencies; there will always be mistakes and we will always have to pay for it. Wiegand wants to verify/reassure that Westview will be done on time and in budget. Bonnett reiterates that it is the board’s obligation to question these things not just accept things as they come up no matter what, need to be asking about whether these are wise change orders, healthy contingencies. MacAdam, what happens when we run out of money. Lockman says we will address that when we come to it.
Good discussion.
approval of westview change order #10: Bonnett asks why accessibility was not identified earlier in the design.
2:36:17 motion to accept amended Consent agenda
Stuckey says “N” needs to be pulled.
Vote on amended consent agenda.
2:37:55 Discussion of “N: FY14 District Depositories”;
Stuckey and MacAdam recuse themselves due to conflicts of interest. MacAdam asks about PMA and the umbrella fund, and Cahill explains.
2:42:00 moved to exec session

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