Board retreat and special board meeting

I have recently learned that Unit 4 will be holding board meetings over the next two Mondays (June 17th and June 24th). Not all the details have been released yet (like the posted agendas) – however, the board retreat is usually a really good opportunity for a more interactive environment with a wider cast of participants and I again encourage folks to try to attend. However, it is not clear to me if the public is specifically invited to participate in the interactions. 🙂 Tammy Sowers has confirmed that the board retreat will be held on June 24th and open to the public; I think it will be held in the late afternoon, possibly starting at 3:pm. I believe the special board meeting on June 17th will be held at the regular time (exec session at 5:30, open session at 6:pm) at the regular place (Mellon Center) (“same bat-time, same bat-channel”).

Request for modification to Policy 705.09 "Schools of Controlled Choice Seat Assignment"

email sent to the U4 Board Members and Dr. Zola:

Good morning, Board Members and Dr. Zola,

I know that there are many ongoing discussions about “Controlled Choice”, and I realize there is already a lot of work in progress with the intent of improving the system even further. To avoid getting lost in the “noise”, allow me to make this short and brief.

Please alter Policy 705.09 “Schools of Controlled Choice Seat Assignment” to include the following two pieces of information:
1. Any and all previously undocumented verbal directives used by the Family Information Center to determine school and waitlist placement. There never should be an instance where the FIC is following one set of rules that is not made public to the community. I recently learned of one such verbal directive in practice during the most recent school assignment process.
2. The clear and explicit details of how SES is calculated. This should not be a secret. It should also be consistent across the district, where “SES” in one context means the same in another context.
Thank you for your time and attention.