Board retreat and special board meeting

I have recently learned that Unit 4 will be holding board meetings over the next two Mondays (June 17th and June 24th). Not all the details have been released yet (like the posted agendas) – however, the board retreat is usually a really good opportunity for a more interactive environment with a wider cast of participants and I again encourage folks to try to attend. However, it is not clear to me if the public is specifically invited to participate in the interactions. 🙂 Tammy Sowers has confirmed that the board retreat will be held on June 24th and open to the public; I think it will be held in the late afternoon, possibly starting at 3:pm. I believe the special board meeting on June 17th will be held at the regular time (exec session at 5:30, open session at 6:pm) at the regular place (Mellon Center) (“same bat-time, same bat-channel”).

One Response to “Board retreat and special board meeting”

  1. More details about special board meeting and board retreat | Citizen4: A citizen's blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] the board retreat is announced at the very bottom of the agenda; not yet on the Unit 4 […]

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