"tentative contract" – woot!

Just received an update from Stephanie Stuart:

The Board of Education is pleased with the progress of tonight’s bargaining session. At this time, the Board understands that the Champaign Federation of Teachers will be taking information from tonight’s meeting to its membership. The District is committed to bringing resolution to these negotiations in a way that is fair to all parties and does not disrupt the educational program for our students.


Be watching for an article from Meg Dickinson (who is at the Mellon Center, probably interviewing people at this late hour *grin*). Here is her “author” link on NG:


Oh, just saw her update:


They have a tentative contract! Excellent! Wow, that was a long, hard-fought battle. I hope both sides have laid ground to build a better relationship upon.



Also, the CFT will probably put something on their FB page, but not sure when:


Sounds like the membership has not voted (obviously), so everyone is keeping pretty tight lips until the teachers can mull it over. More to follow later, surely.


2 Responses to “"tentative contract" – woot!”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    From 4:pm to 12:30, that’s just insane. Wow. My hat is off to the dedication from all involved, especially the negotiating teams to push through the challenges and come up with a compromise that seems tentatively acceptable to both parties.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Also, I am very much hoping that all the reports and data shared at the negotiating table can be “declassified” for public consumption once the air clears.

    PS – I am making a bold assumption that such reports and data exist. *grin* I do not have any “inside information”, purely speculation.

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