Unit 4 district network and phones are down

Via the Unit 4 Twitter feed:

“At this time, our phone and computer systems are down District-wide. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. If you are trying to reach one of our buildings at this time you may be receiving a busy signal. We appreciate your patience.”
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5 Responses to “Unit 4 district network and phones are down”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Back online as of 9:39

  2. craigwalker48 Says:

    Have you checked the Champaign City Council agenda for Tuesday ? Check the bill concerning the transfer of Uc2B to a non profit. Read the staff memo towards the end. Specific Uc2B Fiber rights were granted to MTD and Illinois State U. For some reason Unit 4’s rights are being granted to Champaign Telephone for a period of 20 years with ownership rights and the ability to pledge the Districts rights as collateral to a bank. I know you follow the District closely, do you remember any bill where the District just gave up their high speed Uc2B rights to Champaign Telephone for 20 years ? Can you imagine any reason why the District would not have those rights flow directly to the District and then license to a vendor through an rfp processs ? This happened under the previous Board but from where I sit, it is a complete violation of fiduciary duty. Why is one specific contractor locked into a 20 year deal controlling the District’s access to the super information highway for no money down or process ? #insiderdeal

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      Craig, you are referring to COUNCIL BILL NO. 2013-191? Unfortunately, it is exceptionally hard for me to understand the language of the Bill.

      As to the District, I do not recall any such announcement and/or discussion in Open Session. There have little piddly things in regards to UC2B, and I’ll have to go over those again to see what they really where. Curious, do you know for a fact that Unit 4 did indeed give up their UC2B rights to Champaign Telephone? If so, where is the proof? As I said, I will be looking for proof myself. If my memory serves, Unit 4 dumped roughly $700,000 into UC2B. Since UC2b.net is down, I am trying to dig with google cache, which is more difficult.

  3. Craig Walker Says:

    If you look on last page of memo there is a discussion of IRU’s . There it states that MTD will get their rights directly, CT on their own and CT on behalf of Unit 4. For a 20 year period and can be pledged as collateral. #highwayrobbery

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