An interesting way to visualize salary data


I saw a link from a twitter feed about visualizing salary data, and it made me think of our teachers and Unit 4 administrators; the BART employees were seriously considering a strike, and at the last moment decided not to – not unlike our own local scenario. I am curious, what do readers think of this visualization? Is it relatively intuitive? Easy to use? Informative? Helpful?

Personally, I liked the interactive feel of it. I like that the data points can be filtered for various levels of detail. I was not crazy about the color scheme at all, but at least it allows you different ways of seeing the same data.  He has a couple more visualizations here:


Of course, the premise is that one has access to the raw data. Unfortunately, that is a huge stumbling block in our local situation.

Regular BOE meeting tonight

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was posted on boarddocs. Some excellent achievements highlighted in Recognitions (shout out to Sheldon Turner, Mi’Chelle Frazier, Cheryl Camacho and Elizabeth Slifer among many others!), four policies are being discussed in New Business, a number of Change Orders and other items to follow afterward. I am excited about Operation Hope being presented by Orlando Thomas and I hope that gets a bit of good discussion.


In addition, I have emailed the Board on two different topics:

  1. Email to the BOE about the draft Choice Policy 705.09
  2. Email to the BOE and CFT President about facts and figures surrounding teacher salaries


And finally, over the weekend I heard a ton of rumors (I call them rumors when I do not have any evidence I can point to) about drama that is going on. Personally, it seems to me like the drama is a bit distracting. So here is my challenge; yes, pack the Mellon Center tonight, bring your thoughts, your concerns, your passions! But keep in mind the bigger picture. In the grand scheme of things, we really need to work together as a community. We have too many experiences with those who wish to divide us. So I ask that you do indeed raise your voice and exercise the power of engagement, but please do so in a way that invites others to collaborate with you. Yes, there will be differences of opinion – different perspectives are valid, valuable and very much needed. Do not squash them; cherish them. Yes, you will probably get angry or overjoyed, but note what triggers your emotions. We have enough crap to deal with without pointing fingers at each other. Let us deal with the root issues.


So even the emails I sent to the Board on the 11th – in some ways I wish I could recall them, now that I fear I have just become “noise”. Maybe. In the end, I cannot change what has already happened, I can only change the future.