An interesting way to visualize salary data


I saw a link from a twitter feed about visualizing salary data, and it made me think of our teachers and Unit 4 administrators; the BART employees were seriously considering a strike, and at the last moment decided not to – not unlike our own local scenario. I am curious, what do readers think of this visualization? Is it relatively intuitive? Easy to use? Informative? Helpful?

Personally, I liked the interactive feel of it. I like that the data points can be filtered for various levels of detail. I was not crazy about the color scheme at all, but at least it allows you different ways of seeing the same data.  He has a couple more visualizations here:


Of course, the premise is that one has access to the raw data. Unfortunately, that is a huge stumbling block in our local situation.

3 Responses to “An interesting way to visualize salary data”

  1. pattsi Says:

    I need help understanding what the various colored dots are depicting. The interactive aspect is fun, but I do not understand the story.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    I agree, the colors are not self-explanatory. Ok, one drop-down says “Union”, but what does blue mean and what does orange mean? If you hover over a dot, you can see what their union representation is, which correlates to a color. So blue is “non-represented”.

    The “story” is spelled out in a little more detail via the blog. So yes, the infographic all by itself is missing a lot of contextual information, but it does serve as a good prop.

  3. pattsi Says:

    Thanks for the explanation. This does help.

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