More info on the 4 potential sites

I called up Stan Jenkins and asked for more information about the 4 sites being considered. Since this is all public information, here you go (I added the non-numbered site for bonus points):


Text descriptions:

#4— Parcel 12-14-25-300-001
Acres: 73.88
Owned by: Phillip M Fauccett, JR (Busey Trust Company)
Taxes: $2,042.82

#5— Parcel 12-14-26-400-009
Acres: 69.4
Owned by: Bank Illinois Trust 031-386-550
Taxes: $1,535.76

#6 — Parcel 41-14-36-200-007
Acres: 35.47
Owned by: David K. Moore
Taxes: $1,275.96

#13 — Parcel 41-14-36-100-006
Acres: 66.53
Owned by: Clint Atkins (estate)
Taxes: $1,936.84

No number — Parcel 12-14-36-200-001
Acres: 40
Owned by: Gregg Campbell Ponder
Taxes: $1,178.12


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