2nd RPC analysis report has been posted

friendliness_ratings_central_baselineI inquired about the 2nd RPC analysis report (the one that uses Central as a baseline opposed to Centennial), and Unit 4 responded by posting it on the futurefacilities website:


It is interesting how the “Friendliness” ratings (summarized on page 1, the third page of the document) change quite a bit from the 1st report. It is good to see the deeper analysis and the “behind the scenes” metrics and data that quantifies the “friendliness” rating.

Looking forward to seeing what the public at large thinks.


One Response to “2nd RPC analysis report has been posted”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    While talking to someone this morning, the question of “why wasn’t this published before my inquiry?” came up. A very good question, that. I would love for someone on the board to answer the question. 🙂

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