The new Central will be on north Neil Street

80 acres. Wow!

Tim Mitchell did a great job covering the board meeting “live”:

Jeff D’Alessio obviously had an inside scoop and an article ready to go:

I watched the first part of the board meeting – no public comments at all about the high schools. Interesting.

What initially intrigues me is that it seems that the 80 acres we are buying for $3.2 mil is actually a combination of two sites (Ponder + Atkins), based on this image:

Interesting that the Board decided to purchase two sites, committing money that we do not yet have.

Well….. this will be fun. There is going to be a war between those who want to expand and grow versus those who want to improve and make better what we already have. I have my own feelings, but I am still looking for numbers and hard research. Today I got to looking at the Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS), and it turns out I work not 25 feet from one of the folks who put a lot of work into the most recent study (they are done every 5 years). They stress a lot of sustainability options + rail, vs what happens when growth takes a higher priority than maintenance. I intend to do a bit more reading in the near future.


One Response to “The new Central will be on north Neil Street”

  1. robertdeatley Says:

    I am not surprised that there were no public comments made- the board had made up their mind already.

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