Live/Work and “Community Involved Planning” video

Unit 4 recently posted a couple items:

Community Involved Planning” : video shown at the March 10th BOE meeting

Live/Work Central “re-use”: Presentation from the March 17th BOE meeting


3 Responses to “Live/Work and “Community Involved Planning” video”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Tim Mitchell covered the March 17th Meeting:

    Heather J asks a good question in the comment section, but I have a doubt that Unit 4 will respond there.

    He also covered the March 10th BOE meeting; no comments there. 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    Wait. There’s no air conditioning at Central. Remember how the students can’t function in it. And allegedly AC can’t be retro-fitted to it (although I notice since FCI has been in that old building on Bradley there has been no problem there doing window box units). To hear them tell it back when the dire necessity of a brand new huge Central was being sold, the building was un-fixable for use. Now it is fixable to meet the needs of a variety of populations??? Interesting. The plan sounds unsustainable (don’t know what the research shows). A gamble (WRT to it being a money making endeavor). The last thing Unit 4 needs to be doing with tax payer money. Do we need board members dabbling in pet project ideas when maybe they should be thinking about how to pay for Common Core, the new Central, etc. The building wasn’t good enough a few months ago. Wasn’t worth it. Let it be used by those who appreciate it. Sell it to a(n ‘evil’) developer for rehab and subsequent residential unit sales. Evil gentrification? There was a time and chance to potentially prevent that for that site that would have actually served the students of Unit 4. It was considered an insurmountable endeavor. Unload it to a developer and it most surely won’t become blight, having a presumed +ve economic impact on the community. All these ideas about how it will strengthen ties with the business community by having start-ups housed there? Where does that come from? How many start-ups are successful? How many stay in the area once they ‘make it’? Village Green Place or whatever it’s called was supposed to be a ‘lifestyle’ center. Although seemingly successful, economically, is that what it really is? Most artists aren’t going to pay top dollar for their lofts. And those who can or will, probably don’t live in Champaign-Urbana.

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    Vimeo Video posted.

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