8 Responses to “we want your FOIA documents”

  1. pattsi Says:

    “Yet, I find it perturbingly fascinating that Aristotle is credited with the following quote: ‘the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.’ ”

    And then from Plato–Meno’s Dilemna of inquiry

    Either you have knowledge or you don’t have knowledge
    If you have knowledge, then it is unnecessary to inquire
    If you don’t have knowledge, then it is impossible to inquire (for, how, without knowledge, do you inquire into something you have no knowledge of)
    Therefore, either inquiry is unnecessary or impossible

  2. Doug Snackwell Says:

    I wonder how much ShatterGlass charged for those videos. That would make for an interesting FOIA request.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      Doug, are you going to submit the FOIA? 🙂

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      Doug, Stepahnie Stuar says:

      “Year to date we’ve paid them around $19,000”. I do not know how much was paid last year.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      Doug, the check amounts are actually in the check registers, but the check registers are a bit tricky to search through. Prior to December 2013, you can find them on the Check Archive, everything after that you will have to comb through BOE meeting agendas on BoardDocs (look for the Regular Meetings, not special meetings).

      Having said that, here is what I found:
      August 23, 2013: $7,250
      January 24, 2014: $7,050

      The April check register will be available at the first May regular meeting.

      Personally, I wish they presented this information in a better format, but I am glad that at the very least these are searchable PDFs, and that the information can in fact be found online. You have to take the bad with the good. 🙂

  3. pattsi Says:

    Just FYI, I learned today that Shatterglass is filming a commercial film about food right here in C-U fairly soon. Stay tuned.

  4. Doug Snackwell Says:

    Thank you, Charles. So about $15K last year and about $19K this year…? Seems like a lot for dough for public relations for a public school system. Sure, it’s only a small fraction of the overall budget. But is it really necessary? That $19K could buy a lot of books.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      I could be wrong, but isn’t it $7k last year and $7k this year, plus whatever is in the April check register?

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