Significant improvements in “Schools of Choice” school assignment

Stephanie Stuart has posted the results of the most recent (2014-2015) school assignment stats:


It is excellent that we are chipping away at the number of unassigned:

“This year’s initial assignment process resulted in 681 total applicants. Of that number, 671 students were initially assigned to a kindergarten seat for the 2014-2015 school year, with 88.7% receiving their first choice. The remaining 10 families were contacted individually to be placed and provided with waitlist options. Last year, 85% received their first choice and 42 applicants remained unassigned following the initial assignment process.

Stephanie also notes several other enhancements implemented this year as well. I am curious why we still had 10 that were unassigned – from a scientific point of view, what makes these 10 applicants special? Was it merely because they chose a very small number of schools and opted to waitlist for their first choice? If this is in fact true, perhaps being “unassigned” is not necessarily a bad thing?


In an earlier email, Stephanie told me that one of the priorities of this process is to take “a look at how we are serving families throughout the process as a whole.” I think this is a wonderful perspective to take. How are we doing on that count?


I have modified my yearly request for data to be simpler and hopefully more palatable to Unit 4. 🙂

“I am requesting an aggregate count for both the 2013-2014 Kindergarten school assignment process and the 2014-2015 Kindergarten school assignment process showing how many of each choice were made for each school.”
We will see what happens.

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