Tim Mitchell (NG) covers the board meeting “live”

Tim Mitchell of the NG did a “live” coverage of the board meeting tonight and it looks like he hit all the salient points quite well. Lots of board member thoughts on the three scenarios, but nobody came right out and said “I like Scenario X best.” I suspect the video will be up on Vimeo shortly. One thing missing from Mr. Mitchell’s coverage are the public comments. One lady spoke as a senior citizen voicing her displeasure of the “potential high school site”. There were two others but I believe they were on different topics (it slips my memory at the moment).




Some resolutions that passed (quoting the article):

  1. The board voted 6-1 to hire the firm of Gorski Reifsteck to provide architectural consulting services for the programming phase for the new high school and for work at Centennial. Stuckey voted no. The contract is for $120,000.
  2. The school board has voted 7-0 to accept a bid from CSSC to sell the former Marquette School at 203 S. Fifth Street, Champaign, for $2,000,002.
  3. The school board voted 7-0 to change the school calendar because of closings due to snow over the winter. The last day for students will be June 3 for the regular calendar and June 9 for the balanced calendar.

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