Interesting turn of events: how about Central at Spalding?

Too busy to say much, but things are hopping:


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UPDATE: Check out the attachments linked in the article:


6 Responses to “Interesting turn of events: how about Central at Spalding?”

  1. kirsten Says:

    I could support this wholeheartedly.

  2. Jackie Says:

    I would be totally on board with a new Central at this location. I hope Unit 4 gives this very serious consideration.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I could support Central at the Spalding/Franklin/Judah site. Of course, I would also have supported it ten years ago when we first suggested it at facilities committee meetings. Facepalm. Ditto the Dodds Park site, which was first suggested five or so years ago IIRC. Seriously wondering why it seems like these are new ideas to the school board. Could it be that they weren’t really listening to us? Shocked. Shocked I tell you. Still, I’m glad someone finally decided to pay attention. I hope these sites receive due consideration. Much better ideas than the 80 acres north of the mall.

  4. charlesdschultz Says:

    Just a comment for us al – I too like the smaller site for various reasons, and I think more people would indeed vote in favor of a November referendum if the HS were to go to Spalding. Having said that, I don’t think the board will actually move forward on Spalding. If Dodds Park comes up, maybe. But not Spalding.

  5. John Bambenek Says:

    The reason the locations were not considered previously is because the district was told they were unavailable and I don’t think eminent domain can be used against a government body. That had changed, for at least Spaulding. So despite already acquiring the new high school site we are considering these alternatives as the facts have changed. We will also entertain any other viable option someone wants to bring forth and do the math to see what works in the best and most cost-effective fashion. Absolutely anyone should feel free to bring my ideas if they think we can do something better.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      John, thanks for chiming in. Even though I hear what you are saying about Spalding not being available, from my observation it was not even given much of a chance a couple years when the initial discussions came up. From the District’s own FAQ, we see:

      Why wasn’t the site at the Judah Christian/Franklin/Spalding location considered?

      The Judah Christian/Franklin/Spalding site was given serious consideration, but did not meet the needs of the District. The site does not meet the 47 acre requirement for a comprehensive high school. In order to meet that requirement, the Board would need to exercise eminent domain at this location. This location is also in close proximity to railroad tracks and would require the relocation of Franklin Middle School.

      Additionally, there were discussions at Board meetings (both open and closed) where Spalding was down-voted. Nothing about it being available at the time at all. What has changed?

      Mind you, I still like the idea of going with a smaller in-fill site. We have been told that Unit 4 will not look at sites smaller than 47-acres, and now we are….. A lot of good candidates have already been taken off the table in the past couple of years.

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