Wiegand will be on Penny for your thoughts tomorrow

From Stephanie Stuart:

Tune into tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. as Superintendent Wiegand talks w/ Jim Turpin on A Penny For Your Thoughts!


Also, Stephanie was recently on with Brian Moline:


One Response to “Wiegand will be on Penny for your thoughts tomorrow”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    A number of folks called in and left emails. I emailed him early in the show, but I am not sure he got it.


    Both the Spalding site and Dodds Park were covered; Wiegand says the Board is still looking at Spalding and Dodds is definitely out because of agreements with the family and the Park District. Spalding is going to have an extra $24 million on it just to get the land ready for a high school even before they do anything else; sounds like the board is seriously not wanting to look at that site.

    Wiegand mentioned the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) report done by RPC and said that the median travel would increase for current Central students by 2.5 miles or 4 minutes. Looking at the RPC report, I think she is referring to slide 12. Of course, this is not a true TIA (does not analyze the traffic induced upon the mall area, or north Neil and north Prospect), but it gives us some idea how travel arangements might change. She also mentioned that when they surveyed students, they found that only 10% either walked or rode bikes.

    Earlier in the conversation, Wiegand says one of her jobs is to educate the public about the capacity issues. For instance, she says that if the current 1st grade/2nd grade “bubble” percolates up through high school, we will be at 120% capacity. She threw out some numbers from the Monday BOE meeting about how many more classrooms (and lab rooms) we need just to accomodate that.

    A brief mention of the “educational programming” and “co-labs” that DRL is doing. My emailed question was how do these positively effect graduation rates and discpline inequities. I mean, sure, it’s kinda cool they can wander outside the box of “traditional schooling” (which is something I have mentioned on a number of occasions), but when we are talking about $100+ million dollars, I want to know how we are addressing some of the deeper, core issues of our society. There was a bit of tax about the unfortunately state of school funding being balanced so heavily by property taxes, and how it is going to be exceptionally difficult for this community to swallow such a large property tax increase; one caller mentioned how property taxes just go up and up and up.

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