More numbers to chew on

In light of Dannel McCollum’s June 15th letter (“Board’s performance is a definite downer“) and a follow-up letter by Central alum Stephen Witt (“Central discussion is a confusing mix” – June 19th), I got to thinking about how we arrived at the place we are today. Which further inspired me to develop this timeline:




While doing the research for this, I stumbled upon a 2007 article which pretty much laid out some stark (and not very flattering) observations about how Unit 4 enters into these bond referendums (referenda?):


Another is a NG Guest Editorial written by Laurie Reynolds in 2011:


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other details that did not make the cut for the timeline above; I even unearthed an ancient 1955 bond referendum. 🙂 There have been many efforts to discuss, adapt, upgrade, enhance, replace and build new schools over the past half-century. More recently, things like the Unit 4 “Town Hall Meeting”, the many “Community Dialogues” and the various surveys are not included either.


In conclusion, I noticed that Urbana is planning “Renovation without taxation“, also noted in this NG article: Urbana school board mulls building projects. I wonder if they hired a bunch of consultants to help them with that. I wonder how they built consensus (the article merely mentions that they have consensus, not how they achieved it, or who exactly is part of the group).



Bonus Points

Anyone interested in compiling all these facts into a dynamically zoomable Prezi?

2 Responses to “More numbers to chew on”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Another interesting letter-to-the-editor to stimulate community conversations.

    (How does one attached something to a posted message?)

  2. Why I voted “no” to the $149 million bond referendum | Citizen4: A citizen's blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] into a big ticket referendum. Looking at the historical context of referenda (past ballot issues, consent decree and enrollment), we have seen that the school district has a long-standing penchant of seeking new money for new […]

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