Collecting links of public NG stories about the new high school

Pattsi suggested that I create a page to collect links to News-Gazette “letters to the editor” and commentaries on the topic of the high school siting saga. Part of the impetus, I believe, is that we tend to have short memories, and many times the same idea is rehashed over and over again. Also, there are some good facts/opinions/perspectives to be gleaned from this trail of voices.


I would be happy to help maintain the list if you all want to submit suggestions.


Also I should note that Unit 4 has rebooted their futurefacilities website, and they have almost doubled the size of the FAQ they are maintaining on this topic. The FAQ in particular is a good read, and while I do not agree with everything they have said, it does make for good discussion/research material.


UPDATE: As of 7:45 am, there are 138 links. Impressive.


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