What would Interstate Drive look like ….. with soccer fields?

Via FOIA, I have received a copy of plans for soccer fields at Interstate Drive. The most interesting aspect to this is that the plans are dated June 5th, well after Unit 4 publicly announced plans and filed paperwork to purchase said lands. Obviously, these plans do not have any room for a high school on them.

InterstateDrive_soccer_fields_2 InterstateDrive_soccer_fields_1










I would love to get an explanation for this and I will be asking the park district board for any details they are willing to spill.


7 Responses to “What would Interstate Drive look like ….. with soccer fields?”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Based on the drawings, I thought we were talking about the Dallas/FW SMSA area where this is the modus operandi. Soccer fields so far removed from humanity that the only transportation means is by car, putting 300-500 miles on the car per weekend just getting children to the various fields. So with this proposal there will be soccer fields north of I-74 on land presently owned by Unit 4 for Central and soccer fields in SW Champaign. I remember the good ole days when soccer was played early Saturday morning, even on a football morning, in the green field immediately west of the stadium. The children actually rode their bikes to the games.
    To add to this picture over a year ago, the following was presented to the county board. Even though this proposal is for an odd shape of land near Thomas More, the stimulus for sprawl is very strong.




  2. kshannon617 Says:

    So is this why the Park District Board was pushing for Unit 4 to use the Spalding site, so they could have the other site for soccer fields?

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Perhaps there was some thought that Unit 4 could trade for Dodds.

  4. charlesdschultz Says:

    @Kshannon and @rebecca, I suspect there is an element of truth to your own speculations, but right now, I simply do not have the answer. I am slowly digging away though.

  5. John Bambenek Says:

    There is not an element of truth here, it is the full truth. The park district cannot sell land without a referendum. However they can trade land, which means if we would’ve gone to Spalding or Dodds we would’ve had to trade something to them. This was their proposal for what that swap would look like.

  6. charlesdschultz Says:

    Correct. I talked to Mr. Joe DeLuce last week and learned that the Park District had a dream about what Interstate Drive might look like if they did indeed do a land swap. Mr. DeLuce told me, in person and to my face, that Dodds Park was never intended to be on the table at all. He also did mention something which I did not realize before – the Park District purchased the park outright from the Dodd’s family, and even though some of the family still lives at the lone house on the north east side of the park, there is no further, official connection. Mr. DeLuce also mentioned that they have to comply with “Intergovernmental land use” for lands over a certain amount of money (I think he said $3 million, but I might have misheard him).

    Speaking purely hypothetically, is 80 acres of Interstate Drive worth the swap with Spalding Park?

    • John Bambenek Says:

      My understanding is that the Park District is now working on renovating Spalding, so Spalding is off the table now.

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