Fact finding: Prioritized, itemized list of deferred maintenance

While browsing the Unit 4 Facility Committee website, I stumbled upon a 10-year HLS report. It is interesting to note that the one presented at the BOE meeting is just the summary, with no reference (that I know of) to the more complete version:



This is a huge report and will take some time to digest, but it does give some very useful information. For a gander, I focused on Central since that seems to be the focus of some much discussion these days. There are some interesting tidbits here.


According to the report, the total amount for work needed is $12,598,371 (page 10). Looking at the number closer, the bulk majority of it is to “(r)eplace existing system with a new system whose characteristics would be determined by a life cycle cost analysis” at $7,053,000 (page 65). I will have more to say about this later, but I wanted to get the factual part out first.

Pages 3-4 explain each of the three priority levels; A means they must be corrected in 1 year, B means they must be corrected in 5 years, and C means corrected whenever possible.


Let me know when you have looked at all 126 pages.

3 Responses to “Fact finding: Prioritized, itemized list of deferred maintenance”

  1. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I read it. One thing that keeps jumping out at me since I read your opinion piece in the paper was even if the school board didn’t get it for high school use they could replace Dr. Howard with it. That would be an incredible cost savings right there even if Judea Christian needs some work done to it. They could tear down the Dr. Howard building and land bank it for the future. The other thing was who are the people the district hiring to do work? And why don’t they know not to block doors?
    Okay, regarding the heat at Central, I happen to live in a house that does not have ac. I do have ceiling fans, windows that were designed for letting the air get around. My house is in a word, old. Here is something they could do that is cheap, easy, they could do it now and it would make a big difference. If they took aluminum foil and covered half of each window that faces any sun, the temperature will drop over 10° in there. Shiny side out. Tomorrow is a heat advisory. Good day to try it.

    • charlesdschultz Says:


      I had a great talk with Board member Kerris Lee this morning and that exact idea (relocating Dr. Howard to Judah) came up and I believe Kerris likes the idea a lot. It is amazing what thinking, open minds can come up with. 🙂

      I like the idea of using foil to reflect the sun’s energy. I am curious, have you tried keeping the windows closed at all with curtains drawn? I have not tried that recently (ie, decades), but it seems to me that if you open the windows, the humidity gets in and just kills you. Is it possible to keep the windows closed and still move air with enough fans?

      • RebeccaPatterson Says:

        I would be concerned with that many people they create their own humidity. We’ve turned fans around to work like exhaust fans. Heat rises and will continue to do so no matter what you do with windows, blinds, etc. The idea is to make it work for you instead of against. So since it rises, that’s movement. If you block certain windows and open others, add fans, some facing out some facing in, you have a much cooler building. The first time I put up foil on half of the windows the room temp dropped over 10° in less than 30 min. One of the problems with big buildings like the schools is the large roofs, and they are always black. In the report most of the schools need new roofs and if there was any way to get them a lighter color I would find a way to do it. That is also making Central hotter. I also wonder if it ever gets cooled off overnight.

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