Next round of numbers

It looks like DLR prepared a document that Unit 4 has started to use in talking about the Nov. 4th referendum. My FOIA request specifically asked about the low-level, granular details – what I received is still very high-level. And I still have questions about it.


NOTE: All Costs below are estimates



  • What are “Indirect Costs”?
  • What are “Development Costs” such that they are listed separately?
  • Why is furniture, fixtures and equipment exactly the same for the old school and the new?
  • What is “Site Construction” over and above “Building Construction”?
  • Where do athletic fields figure into this?


The school attorney, Mr. Lockman, has indicated that these details will be released after the referendum passes and after the design process begins; my take-away is that the exact costs are not yet known until things are fully fleshed out. A few folks that I have chatted with (a school administrator, a “Friends of Unit 4” member, a parent) have asked me why I need to know the granular details.  While I understand these costs are purely estimates, my main concern continues to center on the high-priority items needed at other schools. We have built three new schools in the past 15 years while recently renovating several others, but leaving some behind. For me personally, I want to make sure my vote is towards the most fiscally responsible decision. I ask myself, is building a brand new high school and renovating the other worth $150 million, given all the benefits and costs?


2 Responses to “Next round of numbers”

  1. pattsi Says:

    I guess my question is whether an individual would go out to borrow “X” amount of money whether the individual knows how to repay and without a design or business plan for 10 years totally laid out? This is the present case. We the taxpayers are being asked to bond out for $150M without any specific idea what this will buy. As I have written, the present county bond obligation does not cease until 2029–a decade and a half down the line. Now there is a request for another bond that will take longer to pay off all the while everyone is paying a 1% sales tax forever.

  2. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I don’t think the Board understands a conservative approach.I could go for buying Judae to create a magnet school, replace Dr Howard and work on fixing everything else as money is there. I had this crazy idea that we could have the only high school for the arts and put it at Judae Christian, the band could have the whole gym.
    They had to get the numbers from somewhere so they should be able to explain them. Otherwise they’re just random numbers. And the scare tactics, “vote yes or it’s just going to go up!”, like it’s their way of saying they are going to push until they get their way.

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